How I Easily Corrected My Bunions and Relieved My Foot Pain in Just Seconds

Believe me, the last thing I thought I’d ever want to discuss were my bunions.

At the age of 53, I’m not old, but I’m certainly not young anymore. Maybe I can’t get away with looking like I’m 20-something. But I don’t want to look, act, or feel my age. Or older.

It didn’t happen overnight. It’s not like I woke up one morning and I had bunions. These things develop over time.

I guess I was ignoring the changes in my feet.

There came a time though when I could ignore it no longer.

I bought different shoes, tried those inserts, and iced my feet. Even still, the pain persisted. And my feet were starting to look uglier. Older. Not like my feet.

When the pain would really get to me, I’d take some over the counter pain meds. But it still didn’t change the way I felt about my feet. Or how they actually felt. They hurt!

I used to love wearing sandals all the time and going for pedicures to show them off.

Now I was hiding my feet away.

I didn’t want anyone to know my shameful secret.

About a month ago, I went to visit my daughter who lives near the beach. I was eager to spend some one-on-one time with her and my grandkids. One of the first things we did was walk out onto the beach.

“Mom, why are you wearing sneakers on the sand? You always wear sandals,” Emily asked me, always the observant one.

I couldn’t think of anything better to say than I’d forgotten, but she gave me a look. I think she knew I was hiding something.

The next day after we’d had breakfast, her husband Josh announced that he’d be taking the children to one of those trampoline parks. He wanted to send Emily and me to a day spa for some pampering.

I was so excited. Until I remembered my ugly, achy feet.

“Don’t worry, Mom. It will be great. You’ll relax and feel amazing.”

Once we arrived, Emily said we should get massages, facials, and pedicures. And then we should go shopping for new sandals.

“What’s wrong, Mom?”

I couldn’t think of a thing to say. I didn’t know how to answer her. But before I could, the pedicurist was already pulling my ugly, bunion feet out of my shoes.

Now I couldn’t stop it. I cried and confided in my daughter how my bunions were hurting me and I felt disgusting and old. The pedicurist looked up at me and smiled.

“Your feet aren’t ugly at all. Let’s pick the color you want for your pedicure, and then I’m going to show you something that will fix these bunions fast. You’re going to love it.”

After my polish had set, the pedicurist came back to me and handed me these strange-looking socks. They looked a little like the little slip socks they give you at the shoe store when you forget your own socks, except they had separate toes.

“Put these on and you will not have any more foot pain, and they will help realign your feet to take care of those bunions,” the pedicurist told me.

I was hesitant but what did I have to lose? I’d tried new shoes, inserts, and was heavily debating having surgery which scared me the most. I slipped the socks onto my feet.

In just seconds, my feet felt better.

She said the socks were called Sock Align, and she’d bought them in a 5-pack. “I never wore this pair. I kept it as an extra set at work just in case.”

All day, I wore these special socks. And by that night, I’d already placed my order for my own pack of Sock Align socks because I always wanted my feet to feel this good.

3 weeks later, my feet had drastically improved.

Even my podiatrist was amazed. He said to keep doing what I was doing and that he didn’t recommend surgery at this point.

I can’t even believe a pair of socks fixed my bunions and stopped the pain in my feet.

My final thoughts on Sock Align…

I absolutely love Sock Align. These socks can be worn under regular socks and they never leave your feet feeling sweaty. They are so comfortable that I often forget I’m wearing them.

And they really do work. I’ve noticed over the last several months now that the alignment of my feet have drastically improved. I’m back to wearing my favorite sandals and showing off my pedicures again.

Last time I checked, Sock Align was having a special offer of 60% off a 5-pack of these toe-separating, bunion-correcting socks. I’m not sure how long that will last, but do yourself a favor, get them immediately and get back to having happy feet!


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